Solutions for Employers

Expand Employee Benefits
Through our partnering program, employers now have easy access to a variety of products and services. We have partners that provide prescription discount card, discount medical plans, life insurance products, and discounts on a large selection of household products. We are constantly working to expand our base of partners and pass on the benefits. We can private label an online storefront where you can educate and provide these benefits to your employees. Like any storefront, it’s essential that your site be secure, professional, and laid out in an intuitive way. We will work with you to select a store layout that is appropriate for the benefits that you select and is consistent with your current online presence.
Facilitate Online Benefits Enrollment
Our Enrollment System is used for annual enrollment, life event processing and new policy issuance. Our solution supports self-enrollment as well as enrollments performed by agents. Your employees can make their selection from the offered benefits and identify their payment method of choice. Make it easy for your employees to make their elections.
Utilize Compliant Premium Collection and Disbursement
When it comes to offering more employee benefits, many employers are being constrained by their current payroll systems. All of the available payroll deduction slots have been taken by other offerings. We can consolidate premium collections for multiple products into a single scheduled payroll deduction. We consolidate all of the premium collections and disburse the funds to the Vendor or Insurance Carrier on behalf of your employee. TPAPartner is licensed by the state to perform the third party administrator service and has automated systems in place to process the premium payments. The solution also allows your employee to review the premium payment activity and self-maintain the information should a payment source require updating. Your employee could also elect to have the premiums deducted from their bank account or credit card.